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Ask the Expert - Dave Hershman
Monday, 12 October 2009 00:00
Q: Dave, last week you spoke about time management and prioritization to a former student. I am a producing manager. How can I help my loan officers with their time management when I can’t keep up with my own schedule? By the way, I am going to register to come to your management conference in April because this issue seems to be a focus of the conference. But I would like to start implementing things now…John From Chicago
A: You are absolutely correct about our focus. It has never made any sense to me that we take a producing loan officer who has a full-time job and then make them a producing manager which basically adds about three other full-time jobs—recruiting, training and leading. All the while, the need for
personal production never seems to go away.

You are also correct in pointing out the fact that you can’t help your loan officers with their problem if you can’t get on top of your time issues. For one, you won’t have the time to help them. Secondly, above all a leader must act as an example.  So what do you do? I can’t answer such a huge problem in a short paragraph or two, but we are going dedicate two columns to this so that I give you a few hints regarding things you should be focusing upon.

The first hint is to get on top of your personal production. If your production is ruling your life, you will never have the time to manage or set a good example. Last week I talked about the importance of prioritization.  As a producing manager, you will have to make important choices about priorities. There are none more important than deciding what business to go after and what business to eliminate. Get rid of your inefficient business referral sources and the deal that are taking too much of your time and energy resources.

If you don’t have enough production, then you are going to have to spend too much time running after business instead of managing and, once again, how can you teach your loan officers to produce if you can’t master this? Both of these examples represent major reasons so many managers decide to attend my three-day advanced school—if you can’t master production and pipeline management issues, you can’t coach and lead.

Stay tuned for a few more hints next week.   To register for our management conference, visit

Hopefully this helps---
… Dave

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Last Updated on Monday, 12 October 2009 17:50
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