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Wednesday, 23 January 2008 00:00
  Helping Your Business to Thrive Now!!

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Wednesday 23, January 2008

Note From The Editor:
Watch Out, The Year Is Almost Over!
Okay, maybe the year is still early. Do not let it slip by.

We all know the importance of investing time, effort and money in fostering quality products, customer service, and advertising. I highly recommend that you . . . (Continued Below)

News Headlines:
The Latest Mortgage Related News Headlines

Keep your eyes open here!! We have a lot of exciting plans for 2008!

Feature Article:
What Makes you Different?
By Jon Esposito

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  Headline News

Fed Slashes Interest Rates
The Federal Reserve cuts interest rates by 3/4 of a point.
NAR Chimes in With an Economic Stimulus Wishlist
NAR is quick to shoot off its ideas for any economic stimulus programs. Its housing-related suggestions center on changes to both the GSEs and to FHA.
MBA Touts Role in Helping Mortgage Borrowers
MBA report indicates that lenders are being proactive in attempting to resolve mortgage delinquencies and expects that efforts will increase with the advent of the HopeNOW Alliance.
Merrill Lynch Losses Near Top of Analysts Estimates
As expected, Merrill Lynch announces stunning losses and write-downs in fourth quarter as subprime losses mount.

  Feature Article

What Makes You Different?  
(Lowest rates or best service is not a USP. Get a real USP)

By Jon Esposito
Niche Marketing Expert and Construction to Permanent Loan Specialist

Not long ago, I hosted a room full of loan officers at my Spit in the Eye of the Taxman mortgage marketing boot camp. I think everyone agreed that it was a terrific seminar. And I think everyone left all PUMPED on the idea of achieving more in the mortgage business.

During the weekend I got to talk to a lot of interesting people and hear a lot about their businesses.

Something I like to do when I'm at an event like this is conduct my own "undercover market research" -- which means I ask a lot of people the same question and see what the most common answers are.

One question I asked often was: "What makes YOU different from your competition?"

(Or using proper marketing mumbo jumbo: "What's your unique selling proposition, or 'USP'?")

Here were the most common answers I got: . . .

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  Note From The Editor

Watch Out, The Year Is Almost Over!
(Okay, maybe the year is still early. Do not let it slip by.)

We all know the importance of investing time, effort and money in fostering quality products, customer service, and advertising.

I highly recommend that you read "In Search of Excellence" and "Passion for Excellence" as well as other books about quality and think of quality as a marketing strategy.

In these books, the authors Peters and Waterman talk about the "bias fraction." Think of this as a sense of urgency.

Do you move along as if time does not matter? It is not uncommon for companies to take months to make rather trivial decisions or to implement relatively simple ideas. In reality, the speed with which you make a decision and move it from idea to implementation has a lot to do with your bottom line.

One of Murphy's Laws states that everything takes longer and costs more than originally projected. As my dad always used to tell me "work expands to fill all available time". It is so true. Growing up, if I started to do my homework before working on a project in my workshop, it would take me hours to get my homework done. However, if I worked in the workshop first, and only left a few hours for homework after dinner, I would still be able to get all my homework done!

This principle will kill you if you are not careful. It is the role and responsibility of the leader to push, push, and push some more to keep the energy and focus on the priorities. It's the positive pressure of tight deadlines and high expectations that get and keep a business into high gear.

If you are not careful, you will find that the year is truly over and you still have not made the changes necessary to propel your business to the next level.

Helping your business Thrive NOW!
Richard Lazovick
Editor of MortgagePro News,
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