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Tuesday, 09 October 2007 00:00
alt   Helping Your Business to Thrive Now!!

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Tuesday 9, October 2007

Note From The Editor: This Week, Something A Little Different !

News Headlines: The Latest Mortgage Related News Headlines

Announcements: Thrive Now Teleclass Series Continues!!
Residential Mortgage Industry is in Shambles. Learn revolutionary new approach to the Commercial Mortgage Industry! A proven model that yields over 900% ROI.

Feature Article: Condos, Outside the Box
(Commercial-use condominiums could be an option for borrowers.)

Special Mini-Series: Have You Heard About The Silent Mortgage Boom?
(Hard Money Isn’t a Hard Sell – Private Money Is Even Easier)

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  Note From The Editor

Something A Little Different
I wanted to do something a little different than usual this week. Instead of the usual marketing tip here, I am going to write a little more of a personal note.

You might have noticed a few more emails than usual lately. This is a very exciting time for us at MortgagePro News and especially for you, our readers. We have restarted our teleseminar series. There has been a lot of interest and excitement about the teleseminars.

Last month we had a very informative call with Charles Petty, who covered the topic of Wholesaling Properties and how to make six and even seven figures a year doing so. Replay information is below in the MPN Recommends section.

On Wednesday we have a call with Chris Hurn who will be answering all your questions about Commercial Real Estate and how, even if you have only worked with residential real estate and mortgages before, this will be a great opportunity for you. He will share with you how he been getting over 900% ROI year after year for the last three years and how his company made the
INC 500
list this year!!! This will be an eye opening call. You can get more information about it in the Announcements section below. There has been so much excitement for this teleclass, I have been receiving calls in anticipation.

There has been such demand for the teleclasses that we will be offering an average of two a month for the next few months, so stay tuned. The best part is that as a MortgagePro News subscriber, these are all free for you.

As an added bonus, since I am not providing a marketing tip this week, in addition to the Feature Article, we have added a new three part series on The Silent Mortgage Boom - Hard Money and Private Money Lending.

As always, we love hearing from you and encourage your feedback. Please send us an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Helping Your Business THRIVE NOW!!

Richard Lazovick,
Editor, MortgagePro News


Thrive Now Success Series presents ...

Our next Teleseminar is here!!

There are HUGE opportunities in today’s commercial mortgage industry with Chris’ System -- opportunities for brokers to “add-on” to their existing business or for residential specialists to make the change from residential to commercial in one simple step.  The beauty of what Chris does is that he actually does it all for you -- you barely have to lift a finger. 

Chris will be talking about how residential mortgage brokers can get ahead and stay on top, even in today’s topsy-turvy market.  (The solution’s NOT to hunker-down and “ride it out.”)  He’s developed a guaranteed, Proven model that yields over 900% ROI.  And the best part is:
you barely have to lift a finger.  I hope he doesn’t mind me letting you in on how this works . . . the secret is in the marketing.  He’s got the marketing down cold, and his entire System is DONE-FOR-YOU

Join Chris Hurn and me on a special free teleseminar on October 10th.

Learn More Here

  Headline News

MBA Advises Against Broadening Fraud Laws
MBA urges lawmakers to tread carefully in creating new legislation, maintaining that existing laws adequately address the issue of mortgage fraud.
Merrill Lynch and WaMu Suffer From Subprime Woes
Merrill Lynch and Washington Mutual both announce that the third-quarter did not treat them well. Merrill Lynch will probably be the largest loser in the sub-prime aftermath to date and two ratings firms are treating it accordingly.
What Is Happening Out There? Share Your Story.
Are you caught up in some part of the credit crunch; house being foreclosed, purchase on hold, deals falling part? Share your story with Mortgage News Daily.
Mortgage_Rates Move In Different Directions
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  Feature Article

Condos, Outside the Box
(Commercial-use condominiums could be an option for borrowers.)

By: Christopher Hurn, President, Mercantile Commercial Capital

Condominiums for commercial use — office, warehouse/flex and retail — are much like residential condominiums.

Typically, they are not as large as free-standing buildings, but they convey virtually the same real estate title and use rights.

The commercial-condo concept has become a viable alternative for small to mid-size firms that would have traditionally leased their spaces. And it provides you with another commercial funding opportunity.

Historically, many commercial landlords were reluctant to...

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  Special Mini-Series

Have You Heard About The Silent Mortgage Boom?
(Hard Money Isn’t a Hard Sell – Private Money Is Even Easier.)

By Pete Brady, President, One Touch Lending and 1Million Liquid

In the first of a three part series on “The Fast Growing Mortgage Niche” that everyone’s talking about, we discuss new opportunities emerging in an exciting, yet forgotten market.  Have you heard about the “Silent Mortgage Boom?”  No…this discussion isn’t about Reverse Mortgages.

Today’s turbulent secondary mortgage market has created a widening, under-served gap in the area of high ...

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